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About Wulftec International Inc.

Multiple Technologies But One Goal:  LOAD CONTAINMENT

Since 1990, Wulftec International has been synonymous with unbeatable strength and durability for stretch wrapping automation, strapping equipment and pallet handling solutions. We are renowned for developing, manufacturing and distributing the industry’s most dependable equipment. Our unwavering focus on quality, service and innovation means Wulftec machines are designed to work flawlessly.

Wulftec’s unmatched engineering and application experts can solve any load containment challenge through our unique ability to innovate, customize and combine the best technologies to deliver a complete integrated solution.

We combine our pallet handling, stretch wrapping and strapping expertise to provide you with the end-of-line containment solution that will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your line.

“Our strong entrepreneurial spirit dictates that if we haven't built it yet, we'll work with our customers to build it now. Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes well beyond equipment design. We also give equal attention to installation and operations training, after-sales service and maintenance.”

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

We offer a complete line of semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers in low & high profile designs and a complete series of semi-automatic rotary arm models suitable for unstable or heavy loads. All machines are customizable with a wide range of options.

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

With production rates up to 100 loads per hour, our fully automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers and automatic turntable stretch wrappers are suitable for the most demanding applications. With hundreds of available options, we can adapt our equipment to your specific needs and challenges. Our equipment uses non-proprietary parts allowing our customers to control costs, source from local suppliers and avoid downtime.

Automatic Strapping Systems

Wulftec strapping machines have extremely robust construction and include fully automatic vertical and horizontal strapping systems, with or without compression. These low maintenance machines employ sophisticated joint technology accomplished by a highly reliable strapping head designed to run with different strap width, thickness and brands.

Pallet Handling Solutions

We offer a full line of pallet handling solutions including conveyors, pallet dispensers, pallet stackers, transfer carts and more to enhance your production flow and efficiency.

Combined Solutions

Wulftec’s strapper and wrapper combination systems offer you a fully integrated solution that cannot be found elsewhere. Buying a Wulftec integrated system, which combines our pallet handling, conveying, strapping or wrapping equipment, is buying peace of mind that every element has been taken into consideration from design to finish. Our fully integrated strapping and wrapping systems provide the single best load containment solution on the market. Our machines can work as one system using one or more control cabinets depending on your application.

Support & Service

We won’t settle for anything less than delivering the best customer service, no matter what your needs are or where you are located. We are renowned for standing behind our equipment throughout its long life.

People and Facilities

The Wulftec team consists of 320 valued employees in state-of-the art facilities.

Wulftec is a Duravant company.


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Sustainable Solution Description

Reduced energy usage by throughput anticipation: Conveyorized automatic machines will operate at a lower speed when the throughput from the line is slower and speed up to allow production bursts. For an average production line, the energy savings would equal 20 x 40 watt lamps lit for 6 hours! / Reduced film waste by optimized resolution: We use a higher resolution positioning system to deliver the film in a more accurate quantity. This means an average film reduction of 4 feet of film per pallet when compared to other control systems! That’s 60 miles of unstretched film per year! / Reduced general waste by better product protection for handling and transport: With very low wrap capability, the product is properly secured to the pallet, resulting in a pallet that is more stable for transport and therefore less damage! / Reduced electricity consumption: By using variable frequency drives on all its motors, Wulftec ensures that only the power required by the load is used, regardless of the HP of the motor. By this, we have standardized our motor sizes, allowing for less parts in inventory for us and our customers. This translates into greener operations at our end and at your end.