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About Fresh-Lock By Presto Products


About Fresh-Lock® closures
Fresh-Lock® closures for flexible packaging reclosability solutions are designed and produced by Presto Products, a business of Reynolds Consumer Products. The Fresh-Lock team is behind many groundbreaking zipper and slider solutions, including innovative and sustainable closures within its 8000 series, such as the brand’s first compostable, child-resistant closure: Fresh-Lock® zipper style 8511C and fully recyclable version of the Child-Guard® slider system. 

Find us at booth S-3541 at PACK EXPO 2022 in Chicago.

Innovative Closures that Help You Connect with Consumers
Today’s brands must strike a balance between sustainability, product protection, and the customer experience – a feat that is often difficult to achieve.

We understand these challenges. We don’t just make flexible packaging closures; we create innovative solutions to help you meet consumer needs by creating better packaging. We offer advanced reclosable solutions, including thermoform zippers, sensory zippers, contaminant-resistant zippers, ergonomic sliders, particle plow sliders, and more.

What you can expect from us is value-added customer service, full tech support, a true commitment to sustainability, and an expert sales team. And, of course, press-to-close zipper and track & slider reclosable solutions deliver engaging consumer brand experiences while shaping market trends.

Reclosable Solutions for Sustainable Packaging
Our commitment to supporting a circular economy has led to innovation within the Fresh-Lock® 8000 Series of sustainable closures, a focus at PACK EXPO 2022:

Making its PACK EXPO debut is the brand’s first compostable and child-resistant closure in the 8000 series, Fresh-Lock® zipper style 8511C. The zipper is made with 100% certified compostable resins (zipper certification pending) and is FDA approved for food contact applications.

Fresh-Lock® zipper style 8425 will also be unveiled at PACK EXPO 2022. This versatile closure was designed to meet challenges associated with mono-layer recyclable films, ink splitting associated with digital inks, and excel in powdered, particle, and granular product applications.

 Additional 8000 series products highlighted at PACK EXPO 2022 include Fresh-Lock® Zipper Top, Fresh-Lock® Triple-Lock zippers, and the fully recyclable Child-Guard® slider system, the gold standard in child-resistant flexible packaging. These closures offer recyclability and enhanced package reclosability.

PACK EXPO 2022 Innovation Stage

On Monday, October 24, at 1:00 p.m. CST, Todd Meussling, Fresh-Lock Senior Manager, Market Development, will host a round table discussion “Tackling Packaging Challenges and Pressures” on Innovation Stage 1 (N4560). This seminar will discuss how many issues facing the packaging industry today can be overcome through collaboration. Our panelists, Perry Malik, Fresh-Lock Sales Manager, Tom McLenithan, Radienz Living VP, Research & Development, and Mandy Craig, Accredo Packaging, Inc. VP Marketing & Sustainability, will share their experience navigating the challenges together on a new recycle-ready, child-resistant pouch for Kirkland Signature® Ultra Clean Premium Laundry Detergent Pacs.



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Sustainable Solution Description

Today's consumers are more environmentally-conscious than ever and prefer brands that align with their beliefs. In response, many brands have committed to moving towards 100% recyclable packaging. The Fresh-Lock® team is experienced in helping brands successfully achieve their sustainable packaging goals and offers an expansive portfolio of reclosable solutions for sustainable packaging. The Fresh-Lock® 8000 Series is a line of sustainable closures for flexible packaging targeting circularity and waste elimination. This will help provide sustainable packaging to the marketplace with minimum reduction in production efficiencies while still delivering the ideal consumer experience for reclosable pouches and the sustainable practices consumers seek from companies. The 8000 Series includes: • Polyethylene Sliders • Compostable Zippers • Polypropylene Zippers • Feature Packed Recyclable Zippers Visit booth S-3541 at PACK EXPO in Chicago to explore products and discuss your next project.