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About FilmLOC Inc

FilmLOC® manufactures INTELLI-PLAC® reusable placard label holders for labeling and re-labeling almost anything – including reusable containers, totes, and pallets, shelves, equipment, warehouse racking, manufactured goods in process, shipping crates, trade show containers and other items.  INTELLI-PLAC® placards are sustainable and save you time and money and can be used in any business or industry. 

INTELLI-PLAC® placards are the INTELLIgent PLACard Choice because:
No silicone or other top coating that can deteriorate, wear, or flake off to contaminate products, equipment, or work areas.
More durable.  The embossed surface holds up to washing, sanitizing, chemicals, variable temperatures, and extreme weather better than multi-layer silicone or other top coated placards.
Sustainable - the only green placard that can be recycled with plastic containers.
• Rigid film construction with embossed surface makes them easier to apply, saving time and reducing waste.
Extensive re-use and re-labeling without adhesive residue buildup or deterioration of the surface.
• Now available with antimicrobial product protection using Biomaster® silver additive 
Save time scraping labels; save money on missed shipments, mislabeled racks and containers and inventory errors; and reduce customer complaints.
• Proudly manufactured in Georgia USA with film, adhesive and printing manufactured in the USA.
• Manufactured by a WBENC Certified Women’s Business Enterprise.
• Extensive list of stock sizes and adhesives on hand for immediate shipment anywhere in the US, Canada, or the world.



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Sustainable Solution Description

Our INTELLI-PLAC reusable placard label holders are the only "green" placard. They are manufactured with no silicone or other top coating. They can remain on PP and HDPE containers when they reach the end of their life cycle and are reground.