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About AirWave Packaging Inc.

AirWave Packaging  - Your partner for air cushion systems in the USA

AirWave Packaging USA, is a company that stands for true pioneering work in air cushioning. We were the first company to recognize in the 1990’s that as modern logistics were fundamentally changing, so too were the demands in packaging.

We understood at an early stage that air cushion packaging was the way of the future. At AirWave Packaging, we were the first to introduce this innovative technology of transport protection to the USA.

Benefit with our advanced air cushion machines and packaging solutions.

Packing with air – that’s environmentally friendly

At AirWave Packaging you get high-quality air cushioning machines, air cushion films and other accessories for transport protection with a direct contact in the US. The reliable air cushion machines are designed to work with the high quaility AirWave air cushion films, which are available in various cushion types and materials.

In addition to the standard AirWave films, we offer extra thin films, home-compostable films, antistatic ESD films or very robust heavy-duty films. 

The latest generation of AirWave systems are able to produce very thin air cushion films that can be processed directly at the packing station with our reliable air cushioning machines. By using thin recyclable films (as thin as 0,5mil), you can save many tons of CO2 used in the production of heavy packaging materials such as paper or Styrofoam. Thanks to the consistent reduction of packaging materials used, we have helped our customers achieved a sustainable reduction in the environmental impact.

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  • AirWave
  • EcoWave
  • PaperWave
  • PlantWave

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  • Beverage > Powdered beverages
  • Beverage > Spirits/liquors
  • Beverage > Wine
  • Cosmetics/Personal Care > Cosmetics/Personal Care
  • Food > Dairy
  • Food > Ingredients
  • Food > Other Food Products
  • Food > Prepared Foods
  • Food > Soups/Condiments/Sauces/Spices/Dips/Dressings
  • Household/Automotive > Detergents/cleaners
  • Household/Automotive > Household/auto chemicals
  • Household/Automotive > Other automotive products
  • Household/Automotive > Other household products
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Biological/Biopharmaceutical
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Medical Devices
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Medical/Dental Instruments or Supplies
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Nutraceutical, Vitamin, Dietary Supplement
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Other healthcare products
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Over-the-counter products
  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Healthcare > Pharmaceutical
  • Other packaged products > Building/Construction/Home Improvement Products
  • Other packaged products > Consumer Electronics and Appliances
  • Other packaged products > Hardware/Tools
  • Other packaged products > Paper/Printing
  • Other packaged products > Toy/Sports/Crafts
  • Other packaged products > Warehouse Distribution/e-commerce

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Sustainable Solution Description

THE AIR CUSHION SYSTEMS FROM AIRWAVE PACKAGING PACKAGING WITH AIR - ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. With the packaging systems from AirWave Packaging Inc. you automatically choose the protection of our environment. Because 99 % air and only 1 % film mean savings at the bottom line: almost 100 % relief to the environment. The latest generation of AirWave systems is able to process films as thin as 0,4mil. This saves many tons of CO2 that would otherwise be produced in the production of heavy consumables. If the recycling routes for polyethylenes once are established, from the resulting plastic residues, new and durable products are being produced. Together with our customers we have achieved a sustainable reduction of the environmental impact, thanks to the consistent reduction of consumables. But the protection of the environment starts at AirWave Packaging much earlier. The environmental impact is always a prime consideration during the product development of all our products. This is how we optimize our technologies and are able to present products that keep the balance between product protection and environmental compatibility at all times. With minimized energy requirements, reduced film thickness and the lowest possible noise pollution. Our most sustainable products are PaperWave air cushion (FSC C162510 certfied made from recycled paper), PlantWave (compostable air cushions made from potato starch) and EcoWave (climate neutral made of recycled materials / 82% post consumer).