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About 48forty Solutions, LLC

48forty Solutions is the largest asset-based pallet recycler in North America, with a national network of 68 company-owned and operated plants, over 185 customer onsite locations, 11 Reverse logistics centers with more than 850 affiliates, and a team of 5,500+ employees. We also operate the nation's largest private fleet of 7,000+ Trailers and 450 Tractors. Trusted by over 2,700 customers across a wide variety of industries, we provide reliable, cost-effective end-to-end pallet solutions, from supply to retrieval, onsite services, reverse logistics, and more.

We provide unparalleled expertise in supply chain pallet and container management solutions to CPG and Pharma companies across the US and Canada.

The bottom is line that our facilities and fleet are company-owned and operated, not just a network of regional companies working together. This means consistent quality and pricing and a higher level of service and accountability to our customers. In each market we serve, local teams know your business inside and out. 

Asset-Based Pallet Provider with Innovative Technology

From scheduling pick-ups to viewing reports on the go and more, see how our custom pallet management technology makes operations efficient, effective, and accessible 24/7. PalTrax documents every pallet transaction and provides full visibility into your pallet purchases and sales.

Pallet Management Made Simple

Simplify your operations with one provider that can handle all your needs. From nationwide pallet supply and retrieval to new and custom pallets, recycled pallets, and onsite services, let us be your one-stop shop. 48forty means national capabilities with local know-how, end-to-end pallet solutions, and a better customer experience. We’re Pallet Management Made Simple™.

Why Work with an Asset-Based Pallet Provider

Reducing operating expenses, improving vendor partnerships, and implementing a resilient supply chain matter more than ever. As an asset-based pallet provider, we own all or most of the assets – warehouses, trucks, distribution centers, pallets – necessary to support a customer’s supply chain. This means we're particularly responsive to customers' needs and able to meet nearly any operational changes, quickly. We also provide the same high-quality pallets and service coast to coast.

Get to know what it's like to work with 48forty! Director of National Sales Kevin Coffey and Regional Director of Operations Lee Hunt discuss how an asset-based pallet provider can be responsive to customers’ needs, especially in times of high demand.

We Are Buying Pallets Nationwide

No matter your industry, whether you need pallet removal, disposal, or recycling, we can help.

Let's talk pallets!

Visit 48forty at Booth LU-6840 during PackExpo to speak with our team members and learn more about custom pallet management solutions for your company.

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Sustainable Solution Description

Building a Greener Supply Chain Together When you choose sustainable pallets for your supply chain, your business is helping to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Simple as that. Why Pallets for the Planet? This initiative raises awareness of sustainable supply chain practices, and how we can all work together to reduce negative impacts on the environment. In fact, using recycled pallets has a climate-positive effect on the planet by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It's all about recycling and reuse. Together, we can implement more sustainable practices that will help reduce waste and preserve resources for future generations to come. Sustainability at the Core As we look to the planet that future generations will inherit, it's essential that supply chains operate sustainably. Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Put simply, what we do now will impact how we live later. At 48forty, we are committed to operating sustainably as well as helping our customers lower their carbon footprint, minimize waste, and achieve their sustainability goals in a cost-efficient manner. Our environmental priorities are: Reducing waste generated at our recycling plants every year. Reducing waste at our retail customer sites. Optimizing truck routes to reduce fuel consumption.