The Returnity Package Deal: Less Waste, Lower Costs

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, October 25 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

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Location: PACK to the Future (W20025)

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Title: The Returnity Package Deal: Less Waste, Lower Costs


With 100B global parcel deliveries a year, and over 200B by 2026, the environmental impact is undeniable. In the U.S. alone, it’s enough packaging to pave a mile-wide cardboard road from NYC to LA and back - three times over. Returnity replaces single-use shipping and delivery packaging by designing, manufacturing and implementing cost-effective reusable packaging and circular logistics systems for companies like Walmart, Estée Lauder, New Balance, Rent the Runway and others. 

We’re especially passionate about educating businesses and consumers on the value of the package return rate. Rates below 75% are actually worse for the planet. 

The average Returnity bag or box can be used for 20 customer shipment cycles (40 total) with a 95.5% return rate. Returnity’s focused process identifies high-return rate opportunities for clients, and our packaging is now used for over 2 million shipments and deliveries a month.

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